Arno Breker "Du und Ich"

Arno Breker "Du und Ich"
"... My Love is Like the Wind ... And Wild is the Wind..."
Bowie - 1975
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here I Can Mouth Off...

..As Time Goes By. Post my ramblings, doodlings and rants and perhaps even something of some slight redeeming social value.

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Iwona said...

Greetings Jess!

I took a look at this site today as I have several times in the past, and slowly but surely I am reading it all.. 1 section at a time. I always liked your sense of art and I think the aesthetic appeal of the site is very well done. I am a sucker for a black background on any page.. easier o the eyes dont ya know :) When I come here.. It is all you. This is the Jess I have always known and loved. I miss talking to you and I miss spending our quality time together. Hopefully we can once more come together and share some laughs soon. I am working full time now. I have a great offivce job making a decent wage with fantastic benefits. We will see if it lasts or if they take my American dream of fortune and happiness and flush it due to a crappy background. So far they have not mentioned it but then it has only been 3 days since I have worked there. Well CHEERS.. heres to hoping my dear. Will Zachary go to college or will he not? The future is imminent!!
Take care my dear Jess! I think about you and miss you. Don't be a stranger and by all means keep the rants flowing dear. You are one canary who ought not be silenced with a white sheet over the cage!!

-all my love, Iwona